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For Providers — Our Integrated Revenue Integrity System (IR1S) solution for Revenue Cycle Management allows hospitals and health systems to aggregate all their various electronic records information, including different EHR’s, into one system, to improve real-time clinical documentation, enhance coding accuracy, perform concurrent reviews and pre-bill auditing, while analyzing patient encounter data in near real time to accelerate and enhance revenue recovery.

For Payers — Our Computer Assisted Provider Audit (CAPA) solution for Improving Auditing Effectiveness automates key audit activities and operations, provides on demand research content for validation, and leverages our proprietary nSight formula engine to prioritize claims to dramatically increase claim review throughput and auditor productivity.

What we are all about at RecordsOne


Our Mission is to improve every aspect of health care by collaborating with our partners to provide affordable integrated tools that bring immediate value today and into the future by configuring our solutions to meet their individual needs and contribute to their clinical and financial success.

We believe that it is every health care vendor’s responsibility to enable our health partners to reduce the cost of care in the US, which is currently leading the world in healthcare spending, while helping to expand the affordability of healthcare to all segments of our society.


Our Foundation is an operations analysis methodology to deliver an integrated suite of solution modules that automate key revenue cycle and auditing activities at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

RecordsOne changes what can be achieved through integration of innovative technologies to solve complex workflow challenges that others do not. Our Products become Solutions when configured and customized to meet the very individualized needs of a particular partner.


Our Solutions are delivered via Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture which addresses the growing and complex needs in our health environments in an integrated fashion that is required to simultaneously improve clinical and financial performance through our dedicated CDI, Quality, Population Health and Audit modules.

Our integrated nSight Analytics module provides our partners an aggregated view of their disparate data with near real-time reporting and insight to the challenges and key performance metrics they are managing. 


You cannot improve what you cannot measure.

You need insight, not just reporting.

Our proprietary nSight Analytics provides the tools you need to peel the data back and understand the key drivers of your operations.


Case prioritization is crucial.

Achieving positive clinical and financial outcomes without it is difficult. Our configurable workpool builder empowers your team to prioritize cases meeting its criteria and automatically routes them to those workpools for accelerated evaluation.





We commit to what we agree on and deliver on that commitment.

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