Integrated Revenue Integrity System

What is Revenue Integrity?

As health care moves from fee-for-service to value-based payment, organizations must have the ability to connect cost with clinical outcomes. Revenue integrity is essential for each individual patient and across entire patient populations. It prevents the recurrence of issues that create risk for revenue, for patients and for the healthcare provider organization.

Revenue Integrity incorporates the entire healthcare organization and ensures all stakeholders—CDI, case management, HIM, quality, etc—understand their role and technology’s role. When effective programs are appropriately designed and implemented, organizations can expect a higher clean claim rate, proactive identification and resolution of patient care issues, and improved quality reporting results. Revenue Integrity begins with complete and accurate clinical documentation, and RecordsOne can help in many ways other tools simply can’t.

Integrated Clinical Revenue Integrity Tools

What we mean by integrated –

RecordsOne is a Platform, and not a series of separate stand-alone software products. What’s the difference you ask? Imagine if every time you wanted to get a new app on your smartphone, you actually had to purchase a new smartphone and somehow get the two separate devices to communicate? Ridiculous, right?

Yet that’s what health care organizations do all the time. A coding product from one vendor. A CDI product from another. An Audit product from somewhere else. And then try to get IT to somehow make it all work together. How’s that working out?

Integrated – “to put together parts or elements and combine them into a whole

Integrated means:

  • Modules versus Products – IR1S [the whole] has tightly integrated modules, not separate products
  • Transparency – Diagnoses, queries, notes… interdepartmental communication is easier with RecordsOne
  • Reconciliation – CDI with Coding, CDI/Coding with Audit, concurrently or retrospectively
  • Extensibility – you can start with one module and easily expand the use as your needs change
  • Security – teammates communicate securely within the application, not via email
  • Future proof – as we build new modules to address the changes in the market, you are already there with us

Integrated also means, in many ways, cost-effective. The time, effort and money saved by not having to integrate disparate applications – applications that were never really designed to be integrated with one another – provides tremendous long-term savings. And of course, not having to pay for servers, back-ups, redundancy and IT support generate substantial savings as well.

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