No One Else Is!

You know, no one else is doing that…

We constantly hear from folks when we show them a demo — “you know, no one else is doing that”… so, we thought we’d make a list of all the different items to make it easy for everyone else to know what we do — things that “they” can’t… It’s not an all inclusive list, and by no means does this apply to all our competitors, but you can ask yourself “does our tool do that” and make your own list. And then take it to your supervisor, and the Rev Cycle SVP and the CFO and get to work with some better tools from R1. Your bonus may depend on it!

The List


Did you make it to 50%

How does your tool stack up?

  1. Configurable Case Prioritization
  2. Automated Case Escalation
  3. nSight Analytics — embedded business intelligence tools
  4. NLP/CAC results for all modules
  5. One-click references — powered by TruCode
  6. Longitudinal comorbidity capture and analysis
  7. nCode — powered by IMO
  8. Advanced Querying tools — your templates, your workflows… not ours
  9. Notes and Tips — interdepartmental transparency and communication tools
  10. Automated DRG Reconciliation workflows
  11. HCC identification and omission, plus longitudinal regression with RAF calculation

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