Better outcomes when Quality teams with CDI –

Clinical documentation improvement focuses on the overall quality of care in healthcare organizations, and to be truly effective, CDI needs to partner closely with their Quality counterparts. RecordsOne enables closer collaboration by providing access and visibility of the happenings in CDI to the Quality nurses.

RecordsOne provides easy, web access for Quality nurses to readily review patients with conditions of interest, like HAC, PSI, CMS Bundles, as well as performing Mortality reviews. RecordsOne’s work pool driven tools funnels cases directly to the Quality nurse responsible for the review eliminating the need for extraneous communication via phone or email.

Maximize effectiveness

“My Quality nurses need to know when we have Septic patients ASAP…”  We can tell them, even before the case is seen by CDI, if sepsis diagnoses are present on admission based on your criteria.

In addition, we can funnel cases meeting quality criteria directly to your quality nurses quickly and easily improving their efficiency.


“The patient expired and the SOI/ROM is < 4 — I want a supervisor to see this case, right away”… consider it done! When HAC & PSI cases are being documented in CDI, would you like to have those cases reviewed prior to Coding? No problem.
Sticky notes don’t work for software — but R1 NOTES do.  Leave a note for yourself, the coder, a physician advisor and your supervisor and have it live with the encounter. Keep it simple — simple is better.