Our Solutions

Integrated Revenue Integrity System

Simplification, Automation, Reliability, Lower Cost… get them all with IR1S.


Our Integrated Revenue Integrity System (IR1S) eliminates the need to license and integrate disparate tools, with endless integration points, competing priorities, and increased complexity.  Cloud based, easy to implement, intuitive to use, with flexible On-Demand module activation.  We guarantee a 30 day implementation from final data integrity check to operational capability that requires nominal IT support from your organization.

Extensive integrated modules enables solutions for:

In addition, we have solutions for:

“RecordsOne played an integral part for us to achieve financial success in our new bundle payment program. Last year, we started a bundle payment program with Medicare. Being a large organization, we faced a challenge early on with our data sets. RecordsOne was the ideal partner to ensure our success as they demonstrated knowledge about the program, and a willingness to create and customize tools for us to succeed. The value of their partnership was recognized early on as we needed specific data in real time from two different EMR systems. This data was needed to generate a report that could be run daily and identify patients who would be participating in the bundle program. Lisa and the RecordsOne support team took it upon themselves to create an analytical tool that we never had before.

This tool further generates a report that is easily run and shared with team members that identifies patients who are participating in the bundle payment program. By having this report, our Care Team is able to meet with participating patients prior to discharge and better manage their care after they have left the hospital. This thorough and easy to use solution made what was once a large barrier to our success into one of our greatest strengths in the bundle payment program. Thanks to RecordsOne, we are 100% compliant with the Medicare standards and have seen great success in the first year of implementation; including substantial financial gains and savings.”

S. Darrington, ACO Senior Fellow, CommonSpirit Health, Nebraska Market

Computer Assisted Provider Audit

Simplification, Accuracy, Configurability, Lower Cost… get them all with CAPA.


Computer Assisted Provider Audit (CAPA) is a singular system for auditing claims – increasing efficiency by integrating numerous requisite tools into a simple, easy to use web interface and improving effectiveness by prioritizing claims to be audited based on our partners criteria and enhanced via our nSight analytics engine.

Eliminate the swivel chair effect by including:

  • Integrated codebooks and references
  • Automated grouping and DRG calculations for Payment Integrity
  • Automated RAF calculations for HCC Audits (RADV / IVA)
  • Integrated, dynamic audit worksheets
  • Configurable, comprehensive workflows