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RecordsOne Transcription offers an end-to-end medical transcription solution for Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Clinics and Physician Groups. BayScribe, our user-friendly software platform, drives the entire sequence of activities in the medical transcription workflow – from the moment a voice dictation is captured until the report is returned to your facility.

RecordsOne Transcription is dedicated to providing timely, accurate medical transcription services within contracted turn-around times, and often quicker. Whatever your transcription needs may be, WE can provide the solutions you need.

RecordsOne Transcription is a 100% USA-based!


Smooth transcription operations make the life of an HIM Director so much easier. A well-oiled transcription system is a key element in keeping the providers happy in an electronic age that has them feeling anything but.

Here are some reasons you should consider us be your provider:

  • Cost Savings 20-50%
    Our competitive, all-inclusive, per-line pricing guarantees you savings typically of 20% to 50%.
  • Accuracy Guaranteed
    We guarantee a minimum accuracy of 98%. Our Quality Assurance Department, along with Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) assigned specifically to your account based on their experience, ensures quality, consistency and accuracy of your transcription. We can make use of your system to transmit patient demographic information to ensure all patient data on your reports is correct.
  • Turn Around Time (TAT)
    We offer a standard 24-hour-or-less turn-around of reports. We will work with you to set TAT that works for your facility. STATs are accommodated as needed, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, with as little as 1 hour TAT (depending on length of report of course).
  • No Set-up Cost or maintenance fees
    RecordsOne Transcription has no start-up fees or maintenance fees. There are no fees to set up or make updates to templates or standard text files.
  • Multiple Delivery Options
    The BayScribe system offers a variety of delivery options, allowing you to choose how you would like to receive your reports.

    • 24/7/365 secure web access to your medical records from any Internet-enabled PC.
    • Automatic printing of reports to any location.
    • File drop directly to your PC or network.
    • Fax service to dictating and/or referring physicians (extra fees apply).
    • Customized delivery solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Customer Service 
    Our staff is available 24/7/365 to provide your facility with customer service and technical support which will exceed your expectations. The combination of quality MTs, leading technology, and comprehensive support results in outstanding service upon which your facility can depend.
  • Seamless Transition
    RecordsOne Transcription understands the need of minimal disruption to your physicians and facility during transition. We understand that each organization has different needs and we work with you to ensure the process is smooth and seamless. In most cases, we are able to mimic your physicians’ current dictate instructions to ensure the least amount of disruption.
  • System Access and Electronic Signature
    Your records are available on the Internet 24/7 for viewing, editing, electronically signing and printing in multiple locations within the same organization. Locate records quickly and easily via our interactive search engine. Allow physicians to access their records and restrict access via administrative control. Never lose a report again with real-time tracking and complete audit trail from start to finish. Archived reports can be accessed for as long as you need them. Voice files are maintained for 4 months, longer if requested.
  • Technology Infrastructure
    Our servers are located in professional data centers, (AWS) located in the United States, which provides the highest available level of security, reliability, and speed. RecordsOne Transcription’s scalable architecture makes it the best choice for the large volume organizations and multi-facility healthcare systems.
  • HIPAA Compliance 
    Our systems exceed HIPAA/HITECH requirements for security. We are HIPAA One Certified, the highest level of certification attainable. All data is encrypted beyond the required 128-bit encryption. Firewalls and extensive network security are in place to assure confidentiality and privacy of all records and PHI.
  • Easy EMR Integration
    The BayScribe system easily integrates with most EMR programs.
  • Free, Downloadable Apps
    Our free BayScribe Mobile Dictation App makes dictating from any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad simple and convenient.


Why Outsourcing may be right for you


Outsourcing offers the inherent benefits of streamlining costs, promoting efficiency and maintaining quality. The greatest consideration is required in areas where an efficient execution is critical to related workflow. In the instance of medical transcription, timely delivery can positively impact cash flow and keep your records current.  A backlog of reports can negatively impact your cash flow by delaying the entire billing and collection process.


  • Variable Costs vs. Fixed Costs
    Employing full time in-house personnel involves fixed costs that include: salaries, federal and state taxes, medical benefits, vacations, sick leave, workers compensation insurance and floor space/real estate costs. By using RecordsOne Transcription, you eliminate all these fixed costs and only pay for your transcription.
  • Scalability
    Scaling up or down as your transcription needs increase or decrease generates additional costs and administrative overhead in an in-house environment. With RecordsOne Transcription, such fluctuations are handled as a part of daily business.
  • Higher Quality
    With RecordsOne Transcription, your reports are always prepared by highly trained, 100% US-based professionals who meet or exceed the standards set by the AAMT. Our quality control process ensures consistent and accurate transcriptions.
  • Speedy Turn-Around
    We guarantee a quick turn-around time. Our large pool of MTs assures you will never have to worry about a transcriptionist going on vacation or being sick. You will receive your documents every day in a timely manner.

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